Industrial Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturer
The Company
It was established in 1989 to produce and specialize in all types of Quality Conveyor Belts. Promoted by a firm with 45 Years of experience and conviction in the trade, the production facilities and management is located at Amritsar, INDIA
The Objectives
To Provide Quality Conveyor Belts to our Customers by Continuous modernisation of plant and production techniques in line with International Standards.
The Achiever
S. Ranbir Singh, Chairman and Managing Director
Having 45 years experience a visionary, thinker & guide, imparting new dimensions to Conveyor Belt manufacturing in small scale, is at helm of affairs.
The Plant
The manufacturing plant is situated at Amritsar having most modern and fully equipped with microprocessor controls and extensive instrumentation which provides information and data which inturn is used to control the process to ensure the Quality of the end products. It produces nearly 5 Lac Running Meters Conveyor Belts per annum.
The Supporters
The company gets the support from 60 highly Qualified Professionals and Specialists of field to achieve the objectives through its Five - Six Hundred Strong Skilled Motivated Work Force.
The Quality
The manufacturing process is controlled and managed by the support of an in house fully developed Central Quality Assurance Laboratory which has the latest Computer Controlled system and Calibrated Instruments for correct Raw Material analysis, in Process every stage system control by technical peoples and testing the End Products for total conformity of the Quality Requirements.
The Standards
The Products strictly confirm to National and International standards and follow relevant ISO, DIN, BIS and IS: Standards apart from technical specifications provided by our customers. The Quality Assurance plan adopted is in confirmity with the guideline laid in
ISO: 9001-2000, ISO - 143001 standard of Quality System.
The Promise
It will be apt to conclude with a promise to our customers from everyone at NRC Family.

(Woods are Dark, Lovely & Deep
    But we have promises to keep
      .........and miles to go before sleep)