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Heat 'Resistant Conveyor Belts are manufactured by NRC in various grades to suit specific application areas. NRC Heat Resistant Belts have found wide acceptance in Steel Plants (for handling Sinter and Coke) and Cement Plants (for handling Clinker) in addition to other areas of applications. As a rule, special heat resistant belts are required for transporting materials with a temperature of over 70°C. Materials of this type may consist of sinter, cement, moulding sand, coke etc. The service life of these belts depend not only on the temperature of the materials to be transported and on the construction of the belt but also on a number of other factors such as the wear properties of the materials, the fall during loading, the size of the material, the length of the belt, the speed of the conveyor and any chemical action which may be involved.

Mutual discussion with NRC at pre-ordering stage would always ensure the best designed covers for specific installations


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