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Steel Cord Conveyor Belts


General Information


Recent economic development globally in core sector, demand for more stronger for long haul conveyor system creates a new demand for suitable conveyor belt in the market.

NRC Belting has come with a new generation belt to cope with the modern demand for more superior belting i.e. STEELCO BELTING. is reinforced with high quality steel cord, suitably designed and equally spaced and tensioned to propagate tensional force equally across the width of the conveyor belt. All these are done on fully automatic PLC controlled Steel Cord Line to give the right belt as per customer’s and internal standard DIN-22131.This long haul conveyor system are appreciated over the two short conveyor systems because of its easer handling and the low cost of maintenance.

STEELCO BELTING are available from a minimum 1000mm width to a maximum of 2400mm width. The maximum belt thickness can go up to 40mm and even more if system desire as per operational requirement.

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